Drink healthy for your wellbeing


For centuries, drinking Chinese Tea has been associated with many health benefits, ranging from stress relief to prevention of illness and diseases. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine*,

*info from www.thechineseteashop.com

About YG Tea

YGCG Global grows and produces its own range of black, white and green tea products under our house brand YG.
  • Golden Peony Tea (硒锌金牡丹)
  • Premium Golden Peony Tea (硒锌特级金牡丹)
  • A-Grace Souchong Tea (硒锌小种A级)
  • Pefined Souchong Tea (硒锌精细小种)
  • A-Grade Red Beauty Tea (硒锌红美人A级)

All of our tea are grown in the futile soil of Fuzhou in Fujian, China, where the region is well-known for containing a rich level of selenium and zinc (硒锌) in the soil. Tea that are grown in such good natural conditions are known to deliver numerous health benefits upon regular consumption.

  • Selenium is a powerful antioxidant which can neutralize free radicals that can damage our body cells and cause cancer
  • Zinc plays a critical role in our immune system where it helps to regulate the production and activity of T lymphocytes (white blood cells that help fight infection) and the natural killer cells (cells that battle cancer).


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