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YGCG produces high quality and 100% natural tea, bird's nest, and/or euchuema drink products that are made only from the finest ingredients, and manufactured under the strictest quality control under our two house brands, YGCG and YG respectively, and imports and exports premium-quality dried goods that are carefully-sourced from around the world.

Superfood for your wellness


A proud product of Singapore, the YGCG Eucheuma Drink is the world's 1st Eucheuma-based bottled drink.

100% natural and high quality

YG Tea

YGCG Global grows and produces its own range of black, white and green tea products under our house brand YG.

No added sugar, preservatives, bleaching, artificial colouring and fragrance

YG Bird's Nest

YG Bird's Nest products are made using 100% natural bird's nest.

Premium imports and exports

Dried Food

YGCG Global imports and exports the best quality dried goods that are carefully sourced from countries such as China, Malaysia, Singapore and more.


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